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Countdown to Back to School! Substitute Teachers...?

Sunday, October 2nd @ 3:59am

Check the journal for details!


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EVENT: Back to School! Substitute Teachers...?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 3, 2016, 11:16 PM

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We hope you've enjoyed the time off, because its school season again! Time to simmer down and hit the books, right? That would be the case, typically, but the Criatua Academy in Izlude isn't a typical school. There are plenty of upstarts waiting to make their mark in adventuring for riches and glory. So this is where you all come in! Why not give these promising students a few pointers, in your own way?

Players can opt to teach one of the following newly-minted apprentices:

A Swordsman/Swordswoman from the Izlude Swordsman Guild

A Merchant fresh out of the Alberta Merchant Association

A Thief from the Morrocan Pyramids

A graduate Mage from Geffen

An Archer from the aptly named Archer Village

An acolyte from the Prontera Church

A Taekwon Kid from Payon

A Novice who is trying to choose between Ninja and Gunslinger, but may also be considering Super Novice

Note: There is no set look to these upstarts. It'll be up to you to interpret their appearance to suit your style!

Now, what could adventurers like you all possibly teach these youngsters? We have a curriculum for you to follow and teach, your way! Here is what you can expect to teach:

Basic Fighting Course
(Ex. Demonstrating skills, recommended skills in the eyes of the teacher, etc.)

Zeny Course
(Ex. How to make it, how keep it, what to spend on, what to avoid, etc.)

Player Etiquette Course
(Ex. being a respectable player who follows rules or finds loopholes, etc.)

Party Etiquette Course
(Ex. Similar to the above, but in party settings)

Bestiary Course
(Ex. monster sizes, elements, boss protocol, MVPs, certain kinds of monsters to discuss, etc.)

Town Information Course
(Ex. the most "important" NPCs and general facilities; Things like Kafra/Zonda to save and teleport, town guide/guards who can point where general facilities are, etc.)

Misc. Course (This special course can only be taught if all six of the above have been completed.)
(Ex. Anything the Instructor feels their Student should really know about... This can be many things. Things to avoid in certain towns... Who to haggle with... Which local blacksmith is the best... Which inn has the softest bed and the least amount of Thief Bugs... Etc.)

Of course we intend to compensate you for your troubles! Teachers deserve respect, after all!


Teaching a course will award 15k zeny.

Teaching two courses will award: Criatura Academy Hat

Teaching four courses will award: 1 Gold Coin, bonus 15k zeny

Teaching six courses will award: 1 Gold Coin, Battle Manual X3, Angel School Cap

Teaching all courses will award: 3 Gold Coin, bonus 15k zeny, Universal Pet Tame, Magical Booster

The event ends October 2nd! Event is two months long! Please submit to the Events folder.

Other Information

PvP Theme

The Volleyboom PvP bonus theme is still ongoing! Challenge rivals to an explosive game, or two! Check out the PvP Journal for more information!

Character Spotlight

This month's spotlight is the Killer Bunny, herself, Seri! Show this curious young maiden some love and appreciation, while answering a list of questions she may have for you! But do be careful not to get on her bad side... She packs a mean Spell Fist!

Want to see your character featured? Sign up for Character Spotlight! Now is a great opportunity to snag a slot! Remember that adopted characters are also eligible! Go here for more information.

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