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Character Spotlight

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 17, 2011, 2:09 AM

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I wanted to introduce to you all a new feature! It's an idea by our lovely Kafra Eorii that I thought would be a great addition to the group. We're calling it the Character Spotlight!

Here's how it works:
For 300k zeny, you can buy a Character Spotlight for 1 month. Your character will be featured on the front page of the community under the Character Spotlight notice. During this time, anybody who draws or writes about your character will receive 50k prize zeny on top of the usual submission zeny! This way, you get cool fan art of your character, and those who draw them get money to save up for buying their own spotlight time, 2nd character, items at the shop and more!

To apply for a Character Spotlight:
You must have 300k zeny in your bank account. Comment here with a link to your character sheet stating that you'd like to be put on the spotlight. It's first come, first serve; if someone is ahead of you, you will be put on a waiting list until next month.

You may only reserve one spotlight at a time. Please wait until your spotlight is over before purchasing another.

Submitting for the Character Spotlight:
If you'd like to draw/write about the featured character for prize money, simply post your deviation in the Character Spotlight section of the gallery! Please NOTE that we will be capping how many times you can submit for one Spotlight at 3. This is to avoid abuse and a sudden zeny inflation!

Note: If your character is the featured character, you can't submit your own art to the gallery or receive prize money for drawing them! This applies for parents who share an adopted character.

No one draws your character: full refund (300k)
Only one person draws: 200k
Only two people draw: 100k

Current Spotlight
:bulletgreen: January - Sugar Pea

Waiting List
:bulletblue: February - Vacant


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