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PvP Arena

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 27, 2010, 2:52 PM

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:star: Welcome to PvP! :star:
Now, before the squeamish types flee from the sign above, I must stress that "Player versus Player" in GtRO isn't exclusive to deathmatches and bloodshed. Any sort of competition between two people can be considered "PvP". There is a lot of potential to explore here!

Now let us run down a few things...

What is the purpose of the PVP arena?
The PvP arena (Player versus Player) is to provide a controlled combat system for the players of GTRO, whether privately or arranged. Here, two or more players can engage in controlled combat via role play, real time dueling on Ragnarok Online, or artistic projects. Engaging in these PvP battles (much like WOE) will earn yourself and your partner zeny, and special prizes/items.

How do I engage in PVP?
First, you must have one or more partners to participate. It is player vs. player, after all! The simulated combat must have a documentation to go with the submission in order to get the zeny! The documentation can be submitted into the group's gallery folder: PVP. This can be either in written form RP or through illustration/comic strip. Make absolutely certain to obtain the permission from other players to use their characters in PVP.

PvP Theme

None for now. Check back another time.

Submissions that incorporate the Special Theme will receive an additional 50k zeny bonus that stacks with the usual PvP earnings.

Some things to remember!
:bulletblue: No Godmodding or unfair play! If this is reported, you will be stripped of your zeny and clothing (and probably thrown into Jail /gg).
:bulletblue: Please respect other players and obtain their permissions to engage in combat and use their character in work.
:bulletblue: No Dead Branching/Bloody Branching in the PVP arena.
:bulletblue: PVP can take place outside the arena grounds also.

The rewards of PVP
Now, the big draw of competitions, just like special events, are the prizes! PvP is no different, especially with bigger risks involved!

A unique reward for PvP allows winners to take a part of the loser's clothing (i.e. a sinx's scarf or a dancer's shoe). Players can even raise the stakes and take something from their inventory! Of course, you are welcome to do a rematch to win your item back if you lose. If feeling generous and merciful, players don’t have to take anything from opponents; it can simply be for fun!

In addition, there will be alternative prizes one can earn in the future...

Any PVP work will gain a bonus of 50K zeny, alongside the normal submission earnings as indicated in the Bank Journal.

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Huuxera Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I wanna dooo theeeeeee snowball fight and the shopping fight too!!!
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