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A new quest will be released every month, each with their own unique rewards!
You can access quests at any time, as they have no due date.
Find more info about each quest below!

It's always good to test your strength! Battle with another member to show off your skills!
Requirements: Participate with at least 1 partner; Collaborate on one image together, picturing both characters during or after a fight. The way you choose to collaborate is completely up to you! The minimum requirement for final works is a clean colored sketch. For literature, describe the fight, taking turns with your partner in RP style or each writing one half. Minimum of 300 words for each partner. Creative combinations of art and lit are also allowed, same rules apply!
Type: Repeatable [up to 5x]
Reward: 1 Gold Coin

Lately, a weird monk hobo has been lurking around Prontera… he looks strangely familiar! You can’t quite place your finger on why, though. Anyways, he says a Poring ate his boy's cap. And he won’t leave you alone. You better see if you can get his dirty brown hat back, somehow…
Requirements: Draw or write your character hunting down that dastardly poring and getting the boy's cap from it! The minimum requirement for final works is a clean colored sketch. 300 words minimum for writing.
Type: Non-Repeatable
Reward: 100k Zeny & one headgear of your choice! No God items.
Players Completed: Shion (MystiqueGoddess)

You were minding your own business in Payon when suddenly, a weird Sniper runs up to you and grabs you by the shoulders. Babbling, he tells you of a horrifying monster in Payon Caves—in fact, he barely escaped with his life! Somebody needs to take it out and make the cave safe again! Was it a Dead Branch? Did Pawne make it up? You’re going to get to the bottom of this!
Requirements: What do you think happened? Draw or write your character solving the mystery! The minimum requirement for final works is a clean colored sketch or 300 words.
Type: Non-Repeatable
Reward: 100k Prize & 1 Pet Tamer
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