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Looking to make some zeny? Or perhaps you don't know what to spend your zeny on! Well, why not take up or buy some commissions from your fellow GtRO members? Here at the vending lane, you may buy, sell, or trade artwork with other members in this group! Before posting, please read the additional info at the bottom.

If you would like to take up some commissions, please comment with the following information:
USERNAME: Your dA username
DETAILS: Sketch, colored, what you're willing to (not) do, etc... Examples are welcomed and encouraged
PRICE: Amount of zeny for your work
You may add different types of work at different prices
SLOTS: However many slots you're willing to take up; can be determined later

Once someone's commission info is on this board, you may contact the seller if you wish to commission them. Once you receive your commission, comment in the bank to transfer your zeny.</blockquote>


USERNAME: Raikouhou
DETAILS: Half- or full-body, digital or traditional coloring. Digital art can have simple gradient or blank backgrounds (gradient default), traditional art will have blank or transparent backgrounds (blank by default).
PRICE: Half-body - 200k | Full-body - 350k | Additional characters  +50k each | Traditional coloring +50k
Note or contact here

DETAILS: Sketch | Headshot | Half Body | Full Body | Pixels
Can do soft shade and complicated poses, ecchi, pets. No nude pictures.
PRICE: Sketch - 75k | Headshot - 150k | Half Body - 350k | Full Body - 400k | Pixels - 400k | Background - 50k
SLOTS: limitless (depending on my military and university status - to be discussed with the customer~)
Note or contact here

DETAILS: Sketch, colored (no backgrounds)
PRICE: 100k (additional char 50k)
Note or contact here

USERNAME: tersinc
DETAILS: Sketch | Chibi | 3/4 | Full body
Can do either cell shade or some odd form of paint. No ecchi.
PRICE: Sketch - 75k | Chibi - 200k | 3/4 - 350k | Full Body - 400k | Complicated Background - 50k
Note or contact here

If you are looking for someone to draw your character, please comment with the following information:
USERNAME: Your dA username
CHARACTER: Which character(s) you want to have drawn with links
DETAILS: If you have anything in particular you'd like to see
PRICE: Amount of zeny you're willing to pay; can be set or ranged

Once your request is on this board, members who are interested must contact you for details. Once you receive your commission, comment in the bank to transfer your zeny.</blockquote>


CHARACTER: Either Sugar or Snake
DETAILS: headshot, eyes looking up. focus on the brightness of the eyes, either wearing a fluffy hoody or just with the hair spread on the shoulders, It can be a winter shoot or what ever your heart decide, just focus on the eye magic :3
PRICE: 600k with no bg
Note or contact here

If you are interested in an art trade and would like to advertise, feel free to comment here. It is not necessary for staff to know who you're art trading with; this section is just here to put the word out for members. Don't be afraid to contact them!

Gut-Funk - details


:bulletblue: When submitting a commission, mention in the title (preferable) or comments of your piece somewhere that it is indeed a commission so you won't mistakenly be given normal submission zeny.

:bulletblue: If the buyer has not yet transferred their zeny (give it at least a week), the seller can go ahead and comment in the bank themselves to have the zeny transferred. Staff is not responsible for calculating the price.

:bulletblue: Buyers/sellers/traders may take down their info at any time if they no longer wish to advertise. Please comment here or contact a staff member if you want your info removed. Staff will not keep track of slots, so you must comment or contact someone to change your number of slots if you need to do so.

:bulletblue: Buyers must request their own characters. If you want to buy a commission for someone else's character, you must include your own character in the same piece. You may not buy solely for another person. All characters must be from GtRO.

:bulletblue: The usual submission zeny will not play a role in commissions (we won't add it on to your selling price).

:bulletblue: If you feel you cannot finish a commission, please contact the buyer. Don't flake out on them!

:bulletblue: Do not go over 1 mil zeny per character for commissions.

:bulletblue: If you are giving extra zeny for the artist's efforts, please be reasonable.

:bulletblue: Submit works to the everyday life folder, it's another way to advertise!

Any other questions/clarifications, feel free to ask!
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